May 28, 2015

GRAF 2015 (photos)

Last weekend (22 and 23 of May), took place at Fabra i Coats: the GRAF, a independent comic fair with a huge representation of the comic scene in Barcelona and surroundings. The fair, took place at the old factory of Sant Andreu, a old town (now-days, a Barcelona neighbourhood).

We presented three new zines: No Wave by Darryl Reid, Hit me on by Brojjol and Onion rings by Pere Saguer. Soon, all this zines available on the Bad Weather Press website.

May 6, 2015

Gutter Fest 2015

One year more, GUTTER FEST is going to take place at Hangar, a multidisciplinary space for arts and culture located in Poblenou neighbourhood. The fair, opens at 16:00h on Friday 8 and continues with a talk by Carles GOD and his “Projecte Úter” (a amazing big drawing full of details) and then, with some music by Tom Hagan, Chili Greens, Magnetics, Iepi & Cadena.

Saturday is a nice option if you can only come in the morning, at 11 o’clock we are going to be there selling photozines, comics and our last limited edition silkscreen by Marc Montaña titled Darkmao. Clara and Julia are going to offer the first activity of the day with Pin Tam Pon, a “kids activity”… but don’t trust it, for me is a all ages activity.

At 13:00 is the “cinema time”, different national and international short animated films are going to be shown together with a DIY documental from CRAK! festival. The day continues with a silkscreen workshop and, at 18:30, a round table with Alejandro Álvarez (Fanzinelogía), Martín Lopez Lam (Ediciones Valientes) and Johanna Marcadé (Nobo Doba / Turbo Comix).

Darkmao by Hillmarc and Bad Weather Press. Edition of 50.

Sunday music is going to be in charge, since 16:00 o´clock by Ubaldo, Vidus, Kalashinkoff, Juventud Infinita and Familea Miranda. The festival is going to close with a special lottery of self-published stuff. The lucky numbers can be purchased on the fair. Very cheap, the entrance is FREE.

If you haven’t been there, and you are still not sure to come, watch this photographs from Ismael Llopis for Momo magazine and judge yourself. :)

May 5, 2015

Sant Jordi 2015 (photos)

Last 23th of April we selled photozines and collage zines at Vila de Gràcia town square (in Barcelona). We joined the proposal of Lindero Libros to put our own desk on there, and probably we are going to repeat the experience next year. The sun did act of presence all day, plus the recent pruning of the square, left the skin burned to all of us.

Apr 20, 2015

Festival Mirades (Photos)

This saturday we were at Festival Mirades, the fourth edition of this festival but the first time there was a photobook fair. The fair took place at the central square of the village, a nice small and busy place with a friendly bar who provided of all kind of food stuff during all the day. Thanks to everybody who came, if not, don't miss us this thursday at Gràcia this saint george day. We are going to have a desk at the central square of the village (Plaça de la Vila) next to Lindero Libros and Anodina zines. :)

Manel Esclusa at La Capella de Sant Anoni

Salvi Danés at the Mediterranean Museum

Salvi Danés at the Mediterranean Museum

The castle at the top of the hill.

Apr 14, 2015

Mirades, IV Festival de fotografia

We start the “spring zine fairs tour”, this saturday, at the small village of Torroella de Montgrí. During three weekends is held the “Mirades” festival, all about photography, curated by Amics de la Fotografía.

Miquel Abat, Maria Gregori, Ivana Larrosa, Carles Llop, Conchi Martínez, Xavi Moix and Cori Pedrola with the curatorship of Josep Bou will open “Proximitat” the first exhibition of the festival.

Lola Montserrat, Roig Llasera, Jordi Comas Mora, Marc Llach Pagès, Patxi Somalo García, Núria Oreja, Maties Marc Carreras, Mireia Tor, Joan Ramell, Josep Vilallonga Anglada, Miguel Lozano Bonora, Manel Esclusa, Salvi Danés, Yurian Qintanas and a group of 20 photographers from UPIFC will be responsible of filling the eight exhibition spaces of the town.

"Hospital de Torroella" space. Photo: Josep Maria Cortina

Saturday is when we have the role of the festival, to be held outdoors, at the Plaça de la Vila (the town square) under the name “trobada d’editorials de fotografía”. You will find us at 10:00 (for early risers) until 19:00. No, we are not going to be alone: Ediciones Anómalas, Terranova editorial, Henry Hill Books, La Parada, Curbert Edicions, Llibres del Mirall, Lindero Libros, Gorbs Communicació, selfpublished books from Territorios Libres and publications from the UPIFC plus the Diputació de Girona are going to join the party-fair. See you there!

Preparing the exhibition. Photo: Matteo Rebuffa

Apr 1, 2015

Catacrack by Pere Saguer

Last month, Pere Saguer published El confort dels estranys, a 210mm per 297mm collage zine in full colour explained on Pere's blog. This April, we present another collage zine: Catacrack.

With lots of red, and some erotic cuts from asian films and american adult magazines this collage zine is the most personal, including also some drawings by hand and scribbles which remains Cy Twombly's work. Specially the paintigs from 1960 to 70, see here.

You can get a copy of Catacrack on Bad Weather Press website or wait to the next fair in Torroella de Montgrí photo festival on Saturday 18th of April (all day).

Feb 24, 2015

Fun Fan Fest (photos)

This Saturday took place the first edition of Fun Fan Fest at Boca Nord, a young center (with a gym on the 2nd floor) for the people of El Carmel neighbourhood. The place was really friendly so, despite it rained a little bit on the morning, in general, the experience was really good. People had the chance to watch (touch) the original collage book "El confort dels estranys" by Pere Saguer, the last zine we have published.

Really surprised of the amount of artwork (graffiti) that fills outside and inside the building

Alexander Rios (left) & a friend on the first desks of the fair.

Our desk! We are sad to inform we no longer will be available to bring the Slovakia flag. :(

Núria from Ediciones del Martes (left) & Lindero Libros (right).

During the fair, there was a collective zine. Here Monostereo printing the covers.

And the last. A interesting conversation between Enrique (left) from TD papeles & Pere Saguer (right)