Jul 18, 2014

Northwestern wild by Paula Prats

In trip to Canada, in a small island near Vancouver, Paula Prats begins a visual narrative story in a subjective way, shooting all the incidents that happen around focusing on elements that make the place unique.

Sunbeams through the trees, wooden shelters, the shore and sometimes, the disturbing presence of somebody hiding his face are an example of this enigmatic story Paula tries to show.

Northwestern wild is the name of this first photozine we published from Paula Prats, a young valencian highly motivated photographer with a solid experience and several collective and individual exhibitions throughout the world. You can use our online shop here to buy one, or check our usual bookstores.

With the first 50 photozines, we include a free mini booklet printed by Do The Print, a nice risography studio in Barcelona who rightly suggested that flower seeds paper to print the booklet. Hurry, after the presentation of the photozine in the Gutter Fest, we only have a few!

Jul 11, 2014

Lumix 2014: festival für jungen fotojournalismus

For the fourth time, the world's best up-and-coming photographers were in Hannover, on the Lumix young photojournalism fair showing their best stuff to all the visitors: students, interested people, amateur and professional photographers.

Photo by Philipp Jeske

Assembling the expos in pavilions / Photo: China Hopson

From 18 to 22 June 2014, the newly founded Association for the Promotion of Photography in Hannover, along with Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and with the support of the Freelens photographers association, transformed the former Expo2000 grounds into a huge photography show with 60 previously selected reportages.

DJU stand / Photo: ifranz flickr

Outdoor expo / Photo: Agata Szymanska-Medina

The list of the high-ranking awards which have been won by many of this year's Lumix participants is long: Picture of the Year, Unicef Photo of the Year and the Sony World Photography Award. Ten of the participants have already won the World Press Photo Award, the Oscar of the photography industry, including (among others) Julius Schrank (Kollektiv25), a photography student at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, who won first prize in the category 'Daily Life' in 2014. (Let's be clear, la crème-de-la-crème of photojournalism).

Entrance / Photo: Tetenal

Technical showroom / Photo: Ekaterina Solovieva

Parallel to the festival, there was a Technical showroom on the atrium of the Design Center, this space included 30 exhibitors of the Photography industry and some photobook publishers. In here, we were happy to see Ekaterina’s photobook “Pilgrimage” (ПАЛОМНИКИ). You can still orther the few photozines we have on Bad Weather Press online shop!

Pilgrimage photozine and silvergelatine prints / Photo: Ekaterina Solovieva

Pilgrimage photozine by Ekaterina Solovieva

Jul 9, 2014

Carlos Cancela interview on We Are Drifters.

Long-time We Are Drifters contributor and collaborator Carlos Cancela Pinto is back with a new publication, his fifth. Bright On 30 is filled with photos of lazy tourists spending endless summer  days on Brighton’s pier. The beautiful landscape format and gorgeous paper make this book a real treat.

How did the idea behind the series develop?

There was no plan or idea. Last year, in July, I went to Brighton, and because it was my first time I wanted to visit the famous pier. When I arrived to the pier, I was fascinated with the amount of people just having fun in one the hottest day in UK (the temperature was around 30°C). I was lucky with the light and just started shooting all the things that were happening around me: interesting landscapes and people with lots of different sounds, colours and smells. The whole set was shot in one single roll – I was indeed very lucky.

Did it start out as a book concept or did it become that later on?

I thought the whole set was coherent so it was easy to imagine it as a book. I contacted my good friends at Bad Weather Press (who I published Natureza, Luz, Homem) and they were interested...

(You can continue the interview, by Elisa, here)

Jun 30, 2014

Senza Meta (photos)

From May to now, at the end of June, there was a exhibition on Reggio Emilia called Senza Meta, about photography and specially Photobooks and Photozines. This year, in one of the big exhibitions, there was the Natureza, luz, homem photozine by Carlos Cancela and published by Bad Weather Press. The second edition of the photozine is still available to buy here.

And now, some pictures Carlotta Quadrelli and Ilaria Campioli send us from the event:

Jun 16, 2014

6 years / 4 zines (photos)

Fatbottom books gallery space.

As we told the last week, on friday we opened the exhibition 6 years / 4 zines on Fatbottom Books (in Barcelona), a retrospective of Robert's work for Bad Weather press. The exhibition includes original drawings from the first fanzine Tom’s fanzine, to the last one Northwest District, paying attention to works like Fast Chopstick published by Zángano Comix or different proposal sketches of letterings for the covers of the comics.

Originals from the battle in New and Improved powerplant 94

For the occasion, Medalariso has reprinted the fanzine New and improved powerplant 94 and some large scale silkscreened prints in blue and black. All the stuff is available at Fatbottom Books & zines shop or at the online shop.

Robert Roura's new stuff.

New and improved powerplant 94 opened so you can apreciate the bloody red print.

Yes, nice work from MedalaRISO.

Silkscreens on Fatbottom Books shop, for sale.

If you go to see the exhibition, we can also find other publications such as 6am to 2pm by Irene Serrano.

Robert Roura with original drawings of Tom's Fanzine and New and Improved powerplant 94

Jun 9, 2014

6 years / 4 zines

Since friday 13 of June, until the end of the month there is going to be a self exhibition of six years of comic works from Robert Roura at the Fatbottom Bookstore and gallery. For the ocasion, Medalariso is going to reprint New & Improved Powerplant 94, published by Bad Weather Press on 2009 (and currently out of stock). This is a good and unique opportunity to get one of Robert’s old work on a fantastic red ink!

The exhibition with the originals / Photo: Robert Roura

At the end of all the old stuff, there is going to be part of the last publication: Northwest District, a completely Ci-Fi comic work about a corrupt cop. Soon on Bad Weather Press online shop!

Northwest District cover by Robert Roura

"Cop of the month", one of the most hilarious and surreal stories.

May 22, 2014

Natureza, luz, homem.

Born on 2006, the Comune di Reggio Emilia (Italy) started a International European Photograph event focused in the most contemporanian works of young 8and not so young) artist. This event has been growing in talks, exhibitions and people interested in the world of image and photobook.

From all the activities that were scheduled from 2nd May to the 4th May, there was a screening of photo books organised by Micamera (a bookstore specialized in photo books in Milan, who hosted also the Zines of the Zone zine-tour 2014). There was, among many works, the "Natureza, Luz Homem" by Carlos Cancela, that we published last year.

The same photobook, was selected for the exhibition curated by Elio Graziolo, here some pictures from the previous days of the exhibition:

Although we have discontinued "Natureza, Luz Homem" for just over half a year, this February, we decided to make a second edition. Especially after seeing how he managed to enter the Top 10 photobooks on Photo-eye website. You can still get a copy here. And hurry, they aren’t many available.