Jan 14, 2015

Tenderete 9: photos

Here the pictures you were all waiting for. Well, maybe not everybody, but shows a little bit what we did in València those days, the city with three really important things: paella, Escif's street art (read interview in spanish here) and Tenderete.

We took the paella the first day. We didn't want to leave this for the last day, so here the first picture.

In La Llimera, we arrived just in time to hear Ceferino Galán and the adventures of the most important fanzines in Spain: El Naufraguito.

Between the speeches, we had time to check the exhibition: NÃO HÁ DESCANSO PARA OS MORTO by Oficina Arara, from Portugal.

Then, there was another speech with Garikoitz Fraga (Belleza Infina), César Sanchez (Fulgencio Pimentel) and David Schilter (Kus Komikss). We left before the end, we were too tired.

Doors open the first day! Lots of people on the first day.

Our desk (right) and Lentejas press (left)

People like to watch our stuff.

Paula Prats, from València, came to visit us. Super-quickly we had a chance to shoot a picture with his fanzine: Northwestern Wild.

Nice desk with Mazo Comics and Jose jajaja + Ru Hongwu 


On the front desk, amazing collage El Problema and Carinio Ediciones

Do the print and Lindero libros very excited to hear their numbers for the breadbox full of comics and music. 

But no, any of the 3 breadbox were for us. Next year make sure you but all of them folks!

Arcade machine inside the Magazine Club. For the non-dancers.

Dec 17, 2014

Fiebre Fotolibro 2014 (Photos)

Our desk on Fiebre Fotolibro. On the corner, next to the window with a strange view but really cool untill it started to rain.

Laia Sabaté and Estela Sanchis looking our stuff.

No saquen las flores and Those days, top zines of the fair!

Mexican food was all we can eat. Good!

People talking about the zines... we did this twice... ouch.

Thats all. Thanks everybody for the great time! Hope see you all soon!

Nov 30, 2014

F I E B R E 2014: photobook fair in Madrid

Last fair of the year! That’s what is going to be FIEBRE, in Madrid the saturday 13th of November. The BLANK PAPER photography school photography is going to be the space where all is going to happen. Write down you time: from 11.30 to 23:00 and then… some party until… who knows!.

We are not going to be alone, more than 30 authors are going to be there showing their work, and 13 publishers are going to show their photobooks. Beside us, Ca l’Isidret Edicions, Cabeza de Chorlito, Caravanbook, Dalpine, Ediciones Anómalas, Editorial RM, Fuego Books, Ivorypress, Mestizo, PHREE, Pierre von Kleist and Riot Books. Other independent photographers are going to come on their own. Check the website and come to see us!

Nov 20, 2014

Vietnam's reunification express

News, News! Some of you have seen the website with lot’s of new stuff. Vietnam’s Reunification Express is the first photozine we publish from the low cost photo-traveler Isma Monfort Vialcanet.

Born in Barcelona, and full time photographer and traveler. He has been always working in the audiovisuals sector, but now, he is enjoying traveling and explaining the experiences on the blog.

Nov 15, 2014


Eneka Fernández and Sara Fernández where working together during five years, and all this time they discovered the passion of self-publishing, photography and fanzines.

Now, with all this experience during all this years, they created Fanzinant, a way to show their love for this world. They don’t only show the extensive collection they own (in a nice and clean website), they also write about them, they talk about some interesting fairs focused in self-publishing and cities where you can find nice shops to buy and have a look at this kind of stuff we love.

Photo from the website / Photobook fair in Buenos Aires, August 2014

They have a Facebook fanpage, a like to their page could be something nice to do, no?

Nov 9, 2014

FLIA 2014: brief description.

The last October was eventful. The same weekend we were at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, we were also at the second edition of FLIA. (See pictures of the last year here.)

The desk. With a flag from Slovakia as a tablecloth.

It was a very warm day, but thanks to the good faith of the girls from Lindero Libros (Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira) we could manage to fit under a sunshade. On the other side of the table we were nicely accompanied by Ignacio Navas, who was selling his last photozine «Yolanda». An amazing publication.

The girls that handdle Lindero Libros.

Overall, considering all the publishers who came and the people who attended the event, we think it’s right to think that FLIA has already become one of the major fairs to consider in the world of self-publishing.

(On the right) Irkus, the ambassador of Fatbottom.

(with a cup of coffee) Edu, from Adolfo Press.

Tropèl and his "tunning carriage".

And yes, there was some cool street music too. Thanks to all who made it possible.

Nov 5, 2014

Internet Romance 2

Last month we launched four fanzines, we didn't upload them all. Here is one of them, the second webcam-photo-collage zine curated by Sergi Serra, a great artist from Barcelona. You can but the zine here.