Feb 9, 2016

Fun Fan Fest 2

This Saturday 3rd of February is the FUN FAN FEST fair day. It’s going to take place at Sant Andreu (old town and today one of the most creative-growing neighbourhoods in Barcelona) at the Fabra i Coats building. Look at the map HERE. Opens at 11 o’clock and ends… well, officially at 23:00… but who knows. Comics, Photobooks and Selfpublished stuff close at 20:00h! Aaaand! Entrance is FREE.

Promo photo from Fun Fan Fest.

The list of participants:
III Arms, Apa Apa Còmics, Bemba Ediciones, Buraco Editorial, Bad Weather Press, Borobitxo libros, Boira Discos, Banizu Nizuke, Bulbasaur, Conxita Herrero, Clara Sáez (Pin Tam Pon), Chin-Chin Records, Colectivo Detakon, Clara Cortés, Ditirambo música, Discos y libros Walden, Ediciones del Pubis, Editorial Sugoi, Hola Ediciones, Industrias DOC, Javier Galán Rico, Jorge Parras, Jessica Espinoza, Ladyfest, La Mirona, La Capsa Erno, Laura Llanell, Lentejas Press, Llibres artesans, Lindero Libros, Marlene Krausse, Mancebia Postigo, Marta Grimalt Canals, Marbre Negre, Maldo illustration y Branca Estudio, Münster Studio, Mínimo Esfuerzo, Marialsoy, Morbix, Màgia Roja, Nyapster, Orfidal, Petit Comité del Terror / Demonodrome, Paranoidland, P. Taladro, Quién Coño es, Recycled productions, Shock down, Songstore / Dronetools, Tripa, Tayone, Termita press, TD Papeles, Valium Ediciones, Virtual Room, Portugal fanzines.

Shoot from the past GRAF edition. Fabra i Coats space inside. This is how nice it looks!

As you see, Portugal is the invited country, and we are going to be there having some fun time and listening all those strange music k7 from the fair. More information at the Fun Fan Fest website (well, better have a look at Facebook event for last updates).

A.Manaia and I.Marco doing something outside the Fabra i Coats space.

Jan 2, 2016

Bidimensionales: photozine & selfpublishing fair 2016

Tuesday 5th January we are going to be at the first edition of Bidimensionales (Bidimensionals), a photobook and selfpublishing fair organized by Tiedaderecha, a srtange gallery in Barcelona. You will find all our available stuff (and maybe a «winter present») and nice printed material from our friends: Do the Print, Lindero Libros and TD Papeles.

The fair is focused mainly in photobooks and graphic publications, o related to this themes in a experimental and interdisciplinar perspective. You can come and have a vermouth at 10 o’clock or whenever you want untill 21 o’clock. There is going to be nice music, WiFi and lots of printed stuff. The entrance is FREE!

Alegre de Dalt street n.16
Metro (L4): Joanic

Inside Tiendaderecha during HAZ retrospective in 2013 / Photo: Tiendaderecha

Dec 16, 2015

No Wave by Darryl Reid

No Wave is sold out and we are looking forward to do some more copies for this 2016: The Last Year. As some of you may know, the photozine contains shoots from the canadian photographer Darryl Reid.

Darryl Reid has spent years documenting the punk scene, do it for a long time implies endure a brutal noise (Darryl suffers tinnitus), the (bad)smell and sweltering temperatures of the pubs with walls full of sweat. Add in that scenario fifty people pushing, writhing on the floor and repeatedly, seeing drunk acrobats leaping over your head. No Wave documents this Canadian punk scene with amazing shoots.

Nov 9, 2015

Visit to Fantagraphics & Georgetown Records

Aha! So this are some shoots from the great comic shop in Georgetown: Fantagraphics. The Vintage market was closed, but we had a nice small tour in the comic and vinil stores. (Hugs from the other side of the Atlantic).

Georgetown Records & Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery

YES! nice printed drugs!

"Film Noir Posters" exhibition inside the shop

Uh yeah, New arrivals, incredible stuff.

You can really spend a lot of time here if you like this stuff.

The Trailer Park Mall closed. Check always opening times on the web!

(This has to be amazing at night).

Bonus track! Pere on the left, BOSS on the right.

Nov 6, 2015

Bad Weather Press on the Archive Artist Publi­ca­ti­ons / The Collec­tion Hubert Kret­sch­mer

Really happy to find this today on the Internet. Very surprised.

Since 1980 Hubert Kret­sch­mer has collec­ted, archi­ved and docu­men­ted artist publi­ca­ti­ons for his archive artist publi­ca­ti­ons: news­pa­pers, fly­ers, artist books, zines, mul­ti­ples, pos­ters and many more. This Inde­pen­dent Archive Pro­ject was foun­ded in Munich by the publis­her, artist and art edu­ca­tor Hubert Kret­sch­mer. In the mean­time the collec­tion com­pri­ses some 10,000 items, about 13,000 of which can be rese­ar­ched with a publi­cly acces­si­ble inter­net cata­lo­gue... (continue on the website).

Screenshoot from artisbooks.de website

Oct 16, 2015

Fanzines! Festival 2015

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

All this month, is taking place for the fifth time, the Fanzines! Festival in the Margarite Duras Médiathèque. The whole month will be focused on exhibitions, encounters and gatherings, parties and workshops, for the sake of celebrating the small press and its artists.

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

The third weekend (17th and 18th of October), so yes, tomorrow, will take place the zine fair where you will be able to acquire you doses of fanzinism or to fatten your fanzine library.

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

A chance to get works from Papier Gaché / L'Articho / Collection / Lagon / Thomas Gosselin / Amandine Meyer / Pina Chang / Couteau / Arbitraire / Sourire magazine / Les Machines / DLCTVB / Tomoko / FP&CF / Le Mégot / Clemens Reinecke / Atelier Bingo / Anathème / Olivier Schrauwen / Les Trois Ourses / Kuš! Komiks / Shoboshobo / Kerozen / AWAAR ( Faye Coral Johnson & Mike Redmond ) / Benoît Jacques / Edition Peinture / Éditions du livre / Fabrication Maison / Kikifruit / Amelie Fontaine / Tetra / Combo / Mai-Li Bernard / Gerald Auclin / Matière Grasse / Ed&Cie / Super-Structure / Anne Emilie Philippe / La Tribune du Jelly Rodger / Chambre Charbon / Bande de / La maison Coule / Rebond / Le Nouvel Esprit du Vandalisme / Repro Du Léman / Pochette Souvenir / Jose JaJaJa / Ruohong Wu / Canicola / Bichel Éditions / Julia Spiers / Les Ombres / Anna Haifisch and Others.

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

Oct 14, 2015

Photo Book Day & És_Festival

Today is #PhotoBookDay, and this year we are too busy to plan something cool, but don't worry, Saturday we are going to be at Carrer Vic in Barcelona, where, all along the street there will be desks full of self-made stuff. The És_Festival is curated by Somos Emperador, a four young artist collective from Barcelona.

If you want some information of the Photo Book Day, you can click here and go to the website. Find on the map you nearest event and go there. Our friends from Photobook Club Barcelona, Photobook Club Girona and Photobook Club Madrid are doing things, if you are near, ho there!

But! THAT'S not all. Stay tuned because today night we will have a next photozine called "In Heaven". A nice publication from the young photographer Reginald Levy.