Sep 30, 2015

F.L.I.A. is back! (2015)

FLIA is back! If you are in Barcelona, or you don’t know what to do: This saturday (3 October, 2015) is going to take place the third edition of the FLIA festival (Independent selfpublished book fair, from the catalan Fira del llibre independent autoeditat). The fair takes place at Sóller square (Plaça Sóller) at the Porta neighbourhood in Nou Barris (Barcelona). You can get there by Metro and stop at Virrei Amat (L5) or Llucmajor (L4), all them, about 5 minutes walking.

For this edition they are plenty of activities, starting at 10:00 o’clock with the Pin Tam Pon workshop, followed by a first talk by KurdisCat (12:00h) and another about Porta neighbourhood (…means Door. :P) at 13:30.

"No wave" by Darry Reid

You can have you lunch or/and drinks at the bar. There is going to be one there open all day (during the fair hours) with beers and home made food. Delicious! At the afternoon two talks are going to close the festival, a first one about the #MACBAgate La Bestia y el repartidor de butano and a last one, presenting La Polilla, a occupied kiosk at the Revolution square at Vila de Gràcia.

"Onion rings" by Pere Saguer

This are the activities, but of course, the main purpose is the zine and book fair is the hundred of tables showcasing the best printed stuff. Bad Weather press we are going to be there with the last three new publications: the “No Wave” photozine by Darry Reid and two comic / illustration zines, “Hit me on” by the Indonesian artist Brojjol and “Onion Rings” by Pere Saguer. We are going to have some left copies from other publications and we are looking forward for a special present for the occasion. Want to know what? Just come, say hi and you'll know. (Pictures from the past edition of FLIA: 2014 here.)
"Hit me on" by Brojjol

Jul 27, 2015

Back in September

Hello! We are going to stop sending the online sales until September. Please, notice that any sale from today are going to be sent before the 4th of September. Thanks!

Jul 1, 2015

Tafelen by Nicolette van Doorn

A cow on a filed and a coffee cup with some toasts next to it. A sunset, a upset friend and some jamón ibérico ready to cut. We could be writing titles of contemporary still life paintings, yes, but no. It's all about Nicoletta's new photozine published by us, Bad Weather Press.

Titled with a dutch word, Tafelen, and printed on a experimental small run of 30 copies, you can enjoy this passion for food, a personal graphic diary and some strange blurry but nice pictures from de iberian península.

Jun 11, 2015


From the 4t to the 7th of June, took place at Warte für Kunst (Kasel, Germany) the Kijk:papers exhibition, a show with more than 100 photobooks and artistbooks which could be explored in a welcoming atmosphere. The exhibition was accompanied by book launches, artist talks and presentations by: Harvey Benge (NZ/FR), Sven Lindhorst-Emme (DE), Sabine Niggemann (DE), Sarah Pedde (DE), Lotte Reimann (DE/NL), Natalie Richter (DE), Daniela Risch (DE), Tommaso Tanini / Discipula Editions (IT), Jan Wenzel / spector books (DE) and Hanna Zänker (DE).

We tell this because we are really happy to be there with Clémentine's photobook "Landscapes", published a few months ago and still available on the website.

The list was pretty long wich can be translated on a huge variety of publications on one single place and perfectly enjoyable. The list was curated by Malenki and here all the participants: Marte Aas, Arno Auer, Annemie Augustijns, Roman Barkow, Jezabel Baudo, Zoé Beausire, Norman Beierle, Harvey Benge, Véronique Besnard, Laurianne Bixhain, Thomas Bonfert, Nadja Bournonville, Karianne Bueno, Michiel Burger & Max Pinckers, Dani Cardona, Annelies de Mey, Marion Denis, Simone Donati, Philipp Dorl, Iphygenia Dubois & Lore Horré, Christoph Engel, Daniel Fort, Malin Gewinner, Elisa Goldammer, Eric Gottesman, Marcin Grabowiecki, Peter Granser, Liesbet Grupping, Simon Hempel, Jan Hoek, Lukas Hoffmann, Simon Holischka, Marianne Hommersom, Debby Huysmans, Marco Jacobs, Natalia Jordanova, Katrin Kamrau, Christian Kasners, Kazue Kawase, Yves Kerckhoffs, Kasia Klimpel, Aglaia Konrad, Birgit Krause, Karsten Kronas, Marius Land, Ola Lanko, Christina Leithe H., Alexandra Lethbridge, Line Bøhmer Løkken, Tamara Lorenz, Garry Loughlin, Sara-Lena Maierhofer Henrik Malmström, Judith Michel, Anne-Lena Michel, Hana Miletić, Peter Miller, William Minke, Mitko Mitkov, Conrad Müller, Fabrizio Musu, Johannes Nadeno, Sabine Niggemann, Sarah Pedde, Antje Peters, Emma Phillips, Magdalena Pilko, Polly’s Picture Show, Lotte Reimann, Natalie Richter, Daniela Risch, Alexander Rosenkranz, Henner Rosenkranz, Johan Rosenmunthe, Caspar Sänger, Jenny Schäfer, Robert Schlotter, Dan Schmahl, Frederic Schmidt, Arne Schmitt, Jannis Schulze, Anika Schwarzlose, Dries Segers, Rebekka Seubert, Juliane Siedler, Matej Sitar, Daniel Stubenvoll, Maria Sturm, Tommaso Tanini, The Cool Couple, Clémentine Thomas, Christian Tiefensee, Joris Vandecatseye, Stefan Vanthuyne, Köhle + Vermot, Diane Vincent, Saloshanka Vitus, Melanie Vogel, Dorothee Waldenmaier, Kolja Warnecke, Shuchang Xie, Timur Yüksel and Hanna Zänker.

May 28, 2015

GRAF 2015 (photos)

Last weekend (22 and 23 of May), took place at Fabra i Coats: the GRAF, a independent comic fair with a huge representation of the comic scene in Barcelona and surroundings. The fair, took place at the old factory of Sant Andreu, a old town (now-days, a Barcelona neighbourhood).

We presented three new zines: No Wave by Darryl Reid, Hit me on by Brojjol and Onion rings by Pere Saguer. Soon, all this zines available on the Bad Weather Press website.

May 6, 2015

Gutter Fest 2015

One year more, GUTTER FEST is going to take place at Hangar, a multidisciplinary space for arts and culture located in Poblenou neighbourhood. The fair, opens at 16:00h on Friday 8 and continues with a talk by Carles GOD and his “Projecte Úter” (a amazing big drawing full of details) and then, with some music by Tom Hagan, Chili Greens, Magnetics, Iepi & Cadena.

Saturday is a nice option if you can only come in the morning, at 11 o’clock we are going to be there selling photozines, comics and our last limited edition silkscreen by Marc Montaña titled Darkmao. Clara and Julia are going to offer the first activity of the day with Pin Tam Pon, a “kids activity”… but don’t trust it, for me is a all ages activity.

At 13:00 is the “cinema time”, different national and international short animated films are going to be shown together with a DIY documental from CRAK! festival. The day continues with a silkscreen workshop and, at 18:30, a round table with Alejandro Álvarez (Fanzinelogía), Martín Lopez Lam (Ediciones Valientes) and Johanna Marcadé (Nobo Doba / Turbo Comix).

Darkmao by Hillmarc and Bad Weather Press. Edition of 50.

Sunday music is going to be in charge, since 16:00 o´clock by Ubaldo, Vidus, Kalashinkoff, Juventud Infinita and Familea Miranda. The festival is going to close with a special lottery of self-published stuff. The lucky numbers can be purchased on the fair. Very cheap, the entrance is FREE.

If you haven’t been there, and you are still not sure to come, watch this photographs from Ismael Llopis for Momo magazine and judge yourself. :)

May 5, 2015

Sant Jordi 2015 (photos)

Last 23th of April we selled photozines and collage zines at Vila de Gràcia town square (in Barcelona). We joined the proposal of Lindero Libros to put our own desk on there, and probably we are going to repeat the experience next year. The sun did act of presence all day, plus the recent pruning of the square, left the skin burned to all of us.