Feb 24, 2015

Fun Fan Fest (photos)

This Saturday took place the first edition of Fun Fan Fest at Boca Nord, a young center (with a gym on the 2nd floor) for the people of El Carmel neighbourhood. The place was really friendly so, despite it rained a little bit on the morning, in general, the experience was really good. People had the chance to watch (touch) the original collage book "El confort dels estranys" by Pere Saguer, the last zine we have published.

Really surprised of the amount of artwork (graffiti) that fills outside and inside the building

Alexander Rios (left) & a friend on the first desks of the fair.

Our desk! We are sad to inform we no longer will be available to bring the Slovakia flag. :(

Núria from Ediciones del Martes (left) & Lindero Libros (right).

During the fair, there was a collective zine. Here Monostereo printing the covers.

And the last. A interesting conversation between Enrique (left) from TD papeles & Pere Saguer (right)

Feb 20, 2015

Autoedita o muere (Photos)

Some pictures about “Autoedita o Muere” in Barcelona, the last saturday (14th February). The fair, included a very lots of nice printed stuff you can see on the event fecebook page. Here, we upload some pictures of the event:

Feb 17, 2015

Fan Fun Fest

This saturday in Boca Nord (Carrer Agudells 37-45 Barcelona) is going to take place the first edition of Fun Fan Fest, a meeting for creative authors, small publishers and self publishers. The event, is organised by Boca Nord with the collaboration of Playanueva Nueva.

The festival opens at 11:00, and during all day you will be able to enjoy different activities from people we already meet in other festivals: Irma Marco (Hola Ediciones) is going to make a collaborative zine with all the people of the festival, Monostereo is going to do/show silkscreen printing,  Ediciones Valientes is going to work with people related on any kind of drawing for a big drop-down comic (or something like this, better go there and check, no?), Sonia Esplugas is going to make a plant-veggie-zine with plants veggies and… green stuff (;P) and during all day music with Sr.Galleta and a Chaphretracker with Tirsomàtic.

Random picture. (Libros Mutantes a couple years ago)

And on the desks? Who? Ok, here all the list of people that has confirmed: Alexander Rios, Alicia Carrera, Bad Weather Press, Colectivoelectroculo, Ediciones del martes, Ediciones Valientes, El Chico de los Rombos, + PETIT · COMITË · DEL · TERROR +, Enrique Rodríguez (Musgo), Guitza!, Hola Ediciones, Javier Soriano, Las lindas Pobres, Las tres Plumas, Lentejas Press, Unamesacamilla, Elena Ortiz, Lindero Libros, Marina Forés, Marta Cachinero, Monostereo, Shook Down, Sr Miau, TD Papeles, Virtual Room, Sabandija Ediciones, Esporas Invasoras, Anodina zines, Irkus (Medalariso), Helions Crew, Cartu Àrtic, Tutú Olivos & Rummora.

Feb 11, 2015

Autoedita o Muere

This saturday 14, in Barcelona, first edition of the festival Autoedita o muere (Selfpublish or die). There will be a space, but not for sale only to exchange. We are going to have some of our publications. How?: Change your material for tickets and this with other types of stuff: printing, fanzines, photos, t-shirts ... all kind of self-published material.

Saturday. From 12:00 to 16:00. Sant Pere Més Baix street number 70 (on the back of Casal del Pou de la Figuera). Free.

Autoedita o Muere in Madrid last year.

Autoedita o Muere in Madrid last year.

Jan 27, 2015

Landscapes & Duality of loneliness

Yeap! Has been a while since i don’t show you the new zines we have been publishing on Bad Wether. Today, two of them, and both from new photograph artists!

Landscapes is a photozine of known places. Others, discovered by Clémenthine Thomas during his long trips. Enigmatic, magical and symmetrically beautiful landscapes. You will not find human presence on all pages. You will be alone and calm.

We can’t say the same about Duality of loneliness, alone yes but… calm? The images have been composed and cut to look like a comic, photographs talk linearly (in the direction of the history) and as a whole double page composition.

In every page, the dialogues become more dark, enigmatic and in some cases, depressive. We are really suprised with Vertice Vortice's (Ana Núñez Rodríguez) work, love it!

Jan 14, 2015

Tenderete 9: photos

Here the pictures you were all waiting for. Well, maybe not everybody, but shows a little bit what we did in València those days, the city with three really important things: paella, Escif's street art (read interview in spanish here) and Tenderete.

We took the paella the first day. We didn't want to leave this for the last day, so here the first picture.

In La Llimera, we arrived just in time to hear Ceferino Galán and the adventures of the most important fanzines in Spain: El Naufraguito.

Between the speeches, we had time to check the exhibition: NÃO HÁ DESCANSO PARA OS MORTO by Oficina Arara, from Portugal.

Then, there was another speech with Garikoitz Fraga (Belleza Infina), César Sanchez (Fulgencio Pimentel) and David Schilter (Kus Komikss). We left before the end, we were too tired.

Doors open the first day! Lots of people on the first day.

Our desk (right) and Lentejas press (left)

People like to watch our stuff.

Paula Prats, from València, came to visit us. Super-quickly we had a chance to shoot a picture with his fanzine: Northwestern Wild.

Nice desk with Mazo Comics and Jose jajaja + Ru Hongwu 


On the front desk, amazing collage El Problema and Carinio Ediciones

Do the print and Lindero libros very excited to hear their numbers for the breadbox full of comics and music. 

But no, any of the 3 breadbox were for us. Next year make sure you but all of them folks!

Arcade machine inside the Magazine Club. For the non-dancers.

Dec 17, 2014

Fiebre Fotolibro 2014 (Photos)

Our desk on Fiebre Fotolibro. On the corner, next to the window with a strange view but really cool untill it started to rain.

Laia Sabaté and Estela Sanchis looking our stuff.

No saquen las flores and Those days, top zines of the fair!

Mexican food was all we can eat. Good!

People talking about the zines... we did this twice... ouch.

Thats all. Thanks everybody for the great time! Hope see you all soon!