Dec 16, 2013

Libros que son fotos, fotos que son libros

This title is the name of the exhibition on the Centro de Documentación y Biblioteca del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (The Archive and Library center from the National Art Museum Queen Sofía). The exhibition is curated by Horacio Fernández  and coordinated by Alicia Martínez.

The exhibition shows about 150 photobooks published in Spain since 2000, specially the last 4 years. The ones selected for this special ocasion are just a small part of the original and queryable archive of the Museum Library, with more than 1000 photobooks, specially from Spain and Latin Amèrica.

Federico Clavarino. Ukraina Pasport. Fiesta Ediciones / Cuadernos de la Kursala 26, 2011

Part of the exhibition shows the donation of the large photobook collection from Bookip (Book in porgress) to the museum. Now Dalpine photobooks.

Aleix Plademunt. Almost there. MACK / Ca l'Isidret Edicions, 2013

The exhibition will end on September 2014, this means there is a lot of time to visit this incredible archive of photobooks. You will find "Stories" from Fábio M. Roque published by Bad Weather and also, “Almost there” from Aleix Plademunt and published by Ca l’Isidret Edicions this year.

Nov 27, 2013

Tagging day at La Dispersa

We have been working in new zines we hope we can show you in the next days. During this time, we went to help La Fanzinoteca Ambulant (16th November) to tag the stuff they have in the library. In this ocasion, the second, we meet at La Dispersa, a occupied space that belonging to an illegal Aparthotel in the south-east side of Raval (Barcelona).

You can have a look at the archive, and other pictures of the day, here. The photographs below belong to la fanzinoteca ambulant.

PD: Congrats to the organitzation and for the fantastic paella.

Nov 13, 2013

Choice Warehouse

Just a quick post to remember we are going to be at the Choice Warehouse, in Centro de arte Mutuo, in Barcleona. From 19:00 to 23:00! We are going to have all our latest zines. :)

(from the web)

CHOICE WAREHOUSE es una fiesta y un encuentro colaborativo que tendrá lugar en el Centro de Arte Mutuo éste viernes 15 de noviembre.
Al programa: 1 bandas en directo, djs, performance audiovisual, una instalación en proceso y una mesa de fanzines para invitarlos a disfrutar y compartir este sitio mágico del centro de Barcelona.

En complemento con los artistas que presentamos y el ambiente chill out donde hay lugar para todos, tenemos el honor de contar con el apoyo de Blu de San Miguel.

Nos vemos el viernes ! Todos invitados =)

Don’t be late ! Cerramos puertas a las 23:00h!

Nov 6, 2013

BWP in México!

On the south east of metro Insurgentes (Distrito Federal, México), better known as Colonia Roma Norte we have two fantastic places where you can now but some of our latests titles:

Gallery entrance / photo: Conociendo la Roma

Galería OMR is a contemporary gallery founded in 1983 with a very interesting list of exhibitions and a currently fantastic one called “Ojo por diente” by Pablo Rasgado. The gallery has a small library where you can find some of Bad Weather Press photozines.

Just a corner after OMR we have the second library, Casa Bosques (Calle Cordova 25), a project from Savvy Studio and a very nice place with sofas and plants (and a friendly girl called Katya).

Casa Bosques is currently working in the first exhibition/selling point curated by Jorge de la Garza.

Oct 23, 2013

FLIA 2013: Photographs

Nearly a month later (better than never, no?) we share some photographs we took at the FLIA this year at Vallcarca neighborhood in Barcelona.

Early in the morning, with the two new fanzines: Internet Romance by Sergi Serra on the left, Capitalismo Barbarie by Carles Palacio in the middle and the last Manhattan by Pere Saguer on the right.

People came in the afternoon, after the hangover.

Sergi Serra had a very great idea promoting his last fanzine and the first published with us. Cacaolat is one of the best chocolate drinks in the world, like the zine, which includes digital art, webcam beauties and Internet paleontology. (Ok, yes, Moritz beer is very good too).

Robert Roura swaging.

Yeah, video too. Here one from RagulGrad.

And to finish, our friends from Estudi Tropèl with the Havaneres fanzine, very nice. (on the photo, Clara and Júlia talking about something) 

Oct 16, 2013

World Photobook Day

Monday, 14 October was the Internacional Photobook day. We didn't knew that untill we saw the poster from Photobook Club Madrid. We copy the information from there to understand the why of this day:

This date is a direct homage to the first photobook known: Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions of Anna Atkins. Since we do not know the date of publication, we have taken the date of entry in the catalog the copies for the British Library.

This year marks the 170th anniversary of that date and we’d love you to join this celebration and turn that day into a global event organizing an event related to the Photobook in your respective cities. (The news continues here).

We didn't go to Madrid, and we couldn't go to the activity the Photobook Club Barcelona did the day before at the "Observatorio" (photographs here), but we did a small chat to some master students at La Massana school of Art and Design. We talked about the photozines we published on Bad Weather and we add other phtozines from the Fanzinepaper collection.

Before starting.

Robert presenting my "California" mini-photozine

A girl looking the collage project "Are you?" wile we are discussing on the back.

If you want to keep celebrating the #photobookday you can buy our latest photozine "Capitalismo Barbarie", a one year work from Carles Palacio shooting social movements and manifestations in Barcelona and Girona.

Instagram shoot

Sep 26, 2013

FLIA 2013: Barcelona

This saturday 28, in Vallcarca (Barcelona) we are going to be on the FLIA selling two new zines, some Manhattan, Food Chain, Collage Age and Gonzalo's Fanzine (the ones left on Fatbottom Books). As usual, we are going to have some new music from Orgonomy Records AND A ZINE from Leonardo Amico, so come at 10:00 o'clock in the morning if you want some because there are only a few left!

Hope see you all there!

Jul 31, 2013

Mercado La Central: 14 July 2013

This was a few weeks ago and we forget to post (sorry!). It was in San Sebastian, and we know from Eneka (thanks fot taking care of our stuff!) they do more "marcadillos" throughout the year (one sunday every month). Here the facebook page so you know!

Photograph from Erreque Studio

Photograph from Erreque Studio

And here, a video from Hervidero: (they have very nice stuff on the website!)

LA CENTRAL - MERCADO 14 JULIO from Hervidero

Jun 20, 2013

Tenderete 6 / València

Friday, almost ready to open...



After lunch in l'Escola del Cabanyal

Natual light... and very hot!

Some people having a look at our stuff!

Outside the Proyecto Mayhem local, just in front of the beach!

Jun 10, 2013

Tenderete nº6

Oh! 4 Days and we see you all in Paella Country!
What for?
Tenderete 6, Zine & Sound Fair
14 and 15 June 2013
on Centro Mayhem (c/Pavia, 91. Cabanyal, Valencia.)

You would be able to find Bad Weather stuff and Orgonomy Records music!
TIP: Is going to be sunny. Really sunny, and there is a beach near.

With: Sua Rua, Ultraradio, Chin Chin records, Cegado Cómics, Paiorfa, Xufa Fanzine, Gràficas Torete, Una mesa camilla, Fin Kit, Kitschic Ediciones, Bad Weather Press and more! 

Here is a interview (in spanish) to Martín López about the Fair.

Photo by Josu Kuro for Verlanga web

May 31, 2013

Manhattan & Agno3

A few weeks ago we launched two new titles! Horray!

The small one is "Manhattan" a new 24 page photozine from Pere Saguer with pics from Manhattan taken with a iPhone 4. We made 50 copies, and if you can't go to the fairs we go, you can buy it here.

The yellow one, is a new photographer from Girona: Carles Palacio, he has been working in lots of different kind of photographs but never selfpublished a small run project. "Agno3" is the name of this first project and we ONLY have 25 copies, so maybe you need to clic here now for one.

May 23, 2013

Now: on google plus.

We don't know where this is going, but the recent changes on the google+ platform bring us there to have a look and open a Bad Weather Press page. By now, it's only this.

We need to find a way to copy the albums, but in a quick way... :)

May 20, 2013

May 17, 2013

4th Annual Book Fair: Philadelphia

This month is crazy, not only for the weather, but for all the news arriving to the studio about our photozines. This time, “Natureza, Luz, Homem” from Carlos Cancela was selected to participate at the 4th Annual Book Fair in Philadelphia.

Clic image to enlarge. / Photo copyright from Indie Photobook library

The Indie Photobook Library, in charge of this selection says: Selected from the permanent collection of the Indie Photobook Library by MICA photo students Emily Mason, Cameron Vaughan, and Brandon Eddy, these photobooks focus on zines, the curated group photobook, a look into interior mundane life, and the altered image.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
May 18th, 2013

*Free and open to the public

1400 N. American Street #103
Philadelphia, PA 19122

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May 13, 2013

Gutter Fest: the few pics we did.

Entrance to

Some stuff we print to write our phones when we meet nice people. :D

Pere taking a "nap" of 5 hours ...

People with nice cameras and pretending not to see us... :D

Yes, exactly what I was saying.
Let's see if we can repeat next year! We really had a nice time on Gutter Fest, specially with the stands near us. Greetings and hugs to: Tropèl team, Editorial Morsa, Kitschic Ediciones and Màgia Roja.