Oct 23, 2013

FLIA 2013: Photographs

Nearly a month later (better than never, no?) we share some photographs we took at the FLIA this year at Vallcarca neighborhood in Barcelona.

Early in the morning, with the two new fanzines: Internet Romance by Sergi Serra on the left, Capitalismo Barbarie by Carles Palacio in the middle and the last Manhattan by Pere Saguer on the right.

People came in the afternoon, after the hangover.

Sergi Serra had a very great idea promoting his last fanzine and the first published with us. Cacaolat is one of the best chocolate drinks in the world, like the zine, which includes digital art, webcam beauties and Internet paleontology. (Ok, yes, Moritz beer is very good too).

Robert Roura swaging.

Yeah, video too. Here one from RagulGrad.

And to finish, our friends from Estudi Tropèl with the Havaneres fanzine, very nice. (on the photo, Clara and Júlia talking about something) 

Oct 16, 2013

World Photobook Day

Monday, 14 October was the Internacional Photobook day. We didn't knew that untill we saw the poster from Photobook Club Madrid. We copy the information from there to understand the why of this day:

This date is a direct homage to the first photobook known: Photographs of British algae. Cyanotype impressions of Anna Atkins. Since we do not know the date of publication, we have taken the date of entry in the catalog the copies for the British Library.

This year marks the 170th anniversary of that date and we’d love you to join this celebration and turn that day into a global event organizing an event related to the Photobook in your respective cities. (The news continues here).

We didn't go to Madrid, and we couldn't go to the activity the Photobook Club Barcelona did the day before at the "Observatorio" (photographs here), but we did a small chat to some master students at La Massana school of Art and Design. We talked about the photozines we published on Bad Weather and we add other phtozines from the Fanzinepaper collection.

Before starting.

Robert presenting my "California" mini-photozine

A girl looking the collage project "Are you?" wile we are discussing on the back.

If you want to keep celebrating the #photobookday you can buy our latest photozine "Capitalismo Barbarie", a one year work from Carles Palacio shooting social movements and manifestations in Barcelona and Girona.

Instagram shoot