Nov 27, 2013

Tagging day at La Dispersa

We have been working in new zines we hope we can show you in the next days. During this time, we went to help La Fanzinoteca Ambulant (16th November) to tag the stuff they have in the library. In this ocasion, the second, we meet at La Dispersa, a occupied space that belonging to an illegal Aparthotel in the south-east side of Raval (Barcelona).

You can have a look at the archive, and other pictures of the day, here. The photographs below belong to la fanzinoteca ambulant.

PD: Congrats to the organitzation and for the fantastic paella.

Nov 13, 2013

Choice Warehouse

Just a quick post to remember we are going to be at the Choice Warehouse, in Centro de arte Mutuo, in Barcleona. From 19:00 to 23:00! We are going to have all our latest zines. :)

(from the web)

CHOICE WAREHOUSE es una fiesta y un encuentro colaborativo que tendrá lugar en el Centro de Arte Mutuo éste viernes 15 de noviembre.
Al programa: 1 bandas en directo, djs, performance audiovisual, una instalación en proceso y una mesa de fanzines para invitarlos a disfrutar y compartir este sitio mágico del centro de Barcelona.

En complemento con los artistas que presentamos y el ambiente chill out donde hay lugar para todos, tenemos el honor de contar con el apoyo de Blu de San Miguel.

Nos vemos el viernes ! Todos invitados =)

Don’t be late ! Cerramos puertas a las 23:00h!

Nov 6, 2013

BWP in México!

On the south east of metro Insurgentes (Distrito Federal, México), better known as Colonia Roma Norte we have two fantastic places where you can now but some of our latests titles:

Gallery entrance / photo: Conociendo la Roma

Galería OMR is a contemporary gallery founded in 1983 with a very interesting list of exhibitions and a currently fantastic one called “Ojo por diente” by Pablo Rasgado. The gallery has a small library where you can find some of Bad Weather Press photozines.

Just a corner after OMR we have the second library, Casa Bosques (Calle Cordova 25), a project from Savvy Studio and a very nice place with sofas and plants (and a friendly girl called Katya).

Casa Bosques is currently working in the first exhibition/selling point curated by Jorge de la Garza.