Dec 17, 2014

Fiebre Fotolibro 2014 (Photos)

Our desk on Fiebre Fotolibro. On the corner, next to the window with a strange view but really cool untill it started to rain.

Laia Sabaté and Estela Sanchis looking our stuff.

No saquen las flores and Those days, top zines of the fair!

Mexican food was all we can eat. Good!

People talking about the zines... we did this twice... ouch.

Thats all. Thanks everybody for the great time! Hope see you all soon!

Nov 30, 2014

F I E B R E 2014: photobook fair in Madrid

Last fair of the year! That’s what is going to be FIEBRE, in Madrid the saturday 13th of November. The BLANK PAPER photography school photography is going to be the space where all is going to happen. Write down you time: from 11.30 to 23:00 and then… some party until… who knows!.

We are not going to be alone, more than 30 authors are going to be there showing their work, and 13 publishers are going to show their photobooks. Beside us, Ca l’Isidret Edicions, Cabeza de Chorlito, Caravanbook, Dalpine, Ediciones Anómalas, Editorial RM, Fuego Books, Ivorypress, Mestizo, PHREE, Pierre von Kleist and Riot Books. Other independent photographers are going to come on their own. Check the website and come to see us!

Nov 20, 2014

Vietnam's reunification express

News, News! Some of you have seen the website with lot’s of new stuff. Vietnam’s Reunification Express is the first photozine we publish from the low cost photo-traveler Isma Monfort Vialcanet.

Born in Barcelona, and full time photographer and traveler. He has been always working in the audiovisuals sector, but now, he is enjoying traveling and explaining the experiences on the blog.

Nov 15, 2014


Eneka Fernández and Sara Fernández where working together during five years, and all this time they discovered the passion of self-publishing, photography and fanzines.

Now, with all this experience during all this years, they created Fanzinant, a way to show their love for this world. They don’t only show the extensive collection they own (in a nice and clean website), they also write about them, they talk about some interesting fairs focused in self-publishing and cities where you can find nice shops to buy and have a look at this kind of stuff we love.

Photo from the website / Photobook fair in Buenos Aires, August 2014

They have a Facebook fanpage, a like to their page could be something nice to do, no?

Nov 9, 2014

FLIA 2014: brief description.

The last October was eventful. The same weekend we were at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, we were also at the second edition of FLIA. (See pictures of the last year here.)

The desk. With a flag from Slovakia as a tablecloth.

It was a very warm day, but thanks to the good faith of the girls from Lindero Libros (Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira) we could manage to fit under a sunshade. On the other side of the table we were nicely accompanied by Ignacio Navas, who was selling his last photozine «Yolanda». An amazing publication.

The girls that handdle Lindero Libros.

Overall, considering all the publishers who came and the people who attended the event, we think it’s right to think that FLIA has already become one of the major fairs to consider in the world of self-publishing.

(On the right) Irkus, the ambassador of Fatbottom.

(with a cup of coffee) Edu, from Adolfo Press.

Tropèl and his "tunning carriage".

And yes, there was some cool street music too. Thanks to all who made it possible.

Nov 5, 2014

Internet Romance 2

Last month we launched four fanzines, we didn't upload them all. Here is one of them, the second webcam-photo-collage zine curated by Sergi Serra, a great artist from Barcelona. You can but the zine here.

Oct 23, 2014

Crosta Brava

Crosta Brava is the name of the last photozine from Carles Palacio, a photographer from Girona we already work with in two previous zines: Capitalismo Barbarie and Agno3.

This work, relates to a summary of a previous long (and on-going) work of "shoots of the territory" with different atmospheres, climates and geographies. This one, specifically focused on Costa Brava, the north coast of Catalonia, a beautifull and also damaged coast, with two important natural parks: Cap de Creus and Illes Medes.

You will also notice another natural environment, located a little far from the coast but still in the same line of sight as the other images: the lake of banyoles.

The title is a pun. “Crosta” (Crust) and “Costa” (Coast) have practically the same pronunciation in catalan, but crosta sounds more forceful, unromantic and, sometimes, even rude. Brave Crust.

Oct 22, 2014

AutoEdit: Forma eta eredu berriak autoedizio eta argitalpen independentsean

All photos from the post by Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte

Juan Pablo Huércanos has been working hard for this exhibition, now available to see at the Centro Huarte (Huarte, Navarra). The exhibition/project has more than 300 self-published projects, which reflect the reality of a scene characterized by heterogeneity and agility, articulated in four key areas: hybrid books, publications related to photography and image edits, drawings / illustration and artzines accompanied, in some cases, with other complementary expressions.

From 15 October.
Tuesday to Friday from 17h to 20h
Saturdays 12h to 14h and 17h to 20h
(Monday Closed)

The Bad Weather press zone with two big posters by Robert Roura

Juan Pablo Huércanos presenting the exhibition

Oct 20, 2014

VA/BF 2014

Vancouver skyline from Stanley park

Views of the city from the Vancouver Lookout

Two weeks ago we were at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, a event produced by Project Space that has completely consolidated as the most interesting fair on the NW Pacific coast.

Last year, we sent some photozines and this year, some of you could see them exhibited in one of the Vancouver Art Gallery floors, exactly at the New Understandings of Space. But we weren't satisfied, so this year we decided to go with all the available material (specially new stuff) and say hi to all the people in Vancouver! Here a photographic resume of the three days of exhibition.

The VA/BF archive: New understandigs of Space

Thanks to everyone, specially to Tracy Stefanucci for the good job with the fair and Ted Feighan for the patience (he was my table-neighbor). Also to all the exhibitors that, at one point or another we exchanged some words (specially the last day at night :D)

Gumhead (2014) by Douglas Coupland (Canadian, 1961). Temporally on the VAG garden.

The Outer Space Mobile gallery. Super good!

The desk.

Some people really interested in our stuff.

The VA/BF ended on The Cambie bar. A nice place.

Sep 19, 2014

October fairs: VA/BF & FLIA

Yes, October is going to start really nice. Two fairs at the same weekend: the fist one in Vancouver, were will be selling out all of the stuff, including the risograph posters from Robert Roura's exhibition at Fatbottom Bookstore.

The fair takes place the 4th and 5th of October at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby Street. Opening hours will be from 12:00 to 17:00 (12pm to 5pm). So, if you are from the west side of Canada or from Seattle (and surroundings) is a nice and unique chance to say hi and buy some of our photozines, comics and foils.

VA/BF 2013, photo from Project Space

VA/BF 2013, photo from Project Space

But if you are in Barcelona, or near, you MUST go to the FLIA, were you will find all the new stuff we have ready for you! We already been there the last year and was really interesting. A small cozy park in Vallcarca, at one minute from the subway (L3), and a very friendly neigbrhood.

FLIA is going take place only saturday 4th October from 10:00 (10am) untill... hehehe, next day maybe? Here some pictures from the past edition!

Sep 17, 2014

L'Aparador (El Prat)

This sunday Next sunday 28th of September we are going to be at l'Aparador, a multidisciplinary fair which this year have put special interest in fanzines and selfpublishing print stuff. We will be there, and hopefully with something new!

Poster 2013 edition

The fair takes place Sunday 28 at the village city of El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), from 10:00 to 20:00. You will find the tables between Pau Casals square and Verge de la Monsterrat avenue.

Stuff from the photo: Silent Cromatism, Caravan (sold out), Capitalismo Barbarie (last ones!), Northwestern Wild, Altres tafaners, Natureza Luz Homem, Christopher discovered america by mistake (sold out), 2pm 6am and Bright on 30.

Jul 18, 2014

Northwestern wild by Paula Prats

In trip to Canada, in a small island near Vancouver, Paula Prats begins a visual narrative story in a subjective way, shooting all the incidents that happen around focusing on elements that make the place unique.

Sunbeams through the trees, wooden shelters, the shore and sometimes, the disturbing presence of somebody hiding his face are an example of this enigmatic story Paula tries to show.

Northwestern wild is the name of this first photozine we published from Paula Prats, a young valencian highly motivated photographer with a solid experience and several collective and individual exhibitions throughout the world. You can use our online shop here to buy one, or check our usual bookstores.

With the first 50 photozines, we include a free mini booklet printed by Do The Print, a nice risography studio in Barcelona who rightly suggested that flower seeds paper to print the booklet. Hurry, after the presentation of the photozine in the Gutter Fest, we only have a few!