Jan 28, 2014

New zines! February 2014

Oh! We have new stuff! Some of them were already on the website, but now you can buy them here. The first one was "No saquen las flores" from Pere Saguer and you can have a preview here. The second photozine is our first publication from Irene Serrano, a young photographer from Barcelona and addicted to party.

2pm 6am by Irene Serrano Robredo

The zine has to be seen as a full summer carefree day. And with the nice sunny weather. But we are not very fans of sunny weather, truly.

Glorious Youth!

People, afterparty on Barcelona subway.

Jan 24, 2014

Tenderete 7: photos

So, two long weeks after Tenderete 7, and here we go again: Thanks to all we meet there! Specially to Maria Lorente and his "Técnicas contra la desaparición".

This was our desk. Big and comfortable.

Here one of our neighbours: Bill Noir (Mékanik Copulaire) and his fantastic collage stuff.

And on the other side, Pau Valls and Arròs Negre fanzine.

We can't forget the fantastic music and radio programs during the festival.

We couldn't leave València without eating some bravas near the Central Market

Jan 2, 2014

Tenderete 7

And yes, tomorrow we move again to València where the Vendo Oro colective organized again the Tenderete Festival. Perhaps the earliest zine comic festival of the year? The festival is going to take place at La Llimera, at Carrer Pérez Escrich nº13 the 4th and 5th of January.

Poster for the festival: tenderete-7 / 4 & 5 January 2014

We are gonig to have two new photozines: No saquen las flores from Pere Saguer and 2pm6am from Irene Serrano, both of them in full colour! And as usual, some music from Orgonomy Records.

"Capitalismo Barbarie" by Carles Palacio, "Caravan" by Robert Roura",
"No saquen las flores" and "Christopher discovered america by mistake" by Pere Saguer

For this edition of Tenderete, Martin is working on a "small press map" of spanish publishers and HERE are our answers (in spanish). The questionnaire is inspired in Anna Ehrlemark and Fijuk team "Small Press Map" project, with the aim of creating a map of European independent graphic scene.

"Christopher dicovered america by mistake" (second edition) and "No saquen las flores" both of them by Pere Saguer