May 22, 2014

Natureza, luz, homem.

Born on 2006, the Comune di Reggio Emilia (Italy) started a International European Photograph event focused in the most contemporanian works of young 8and not so young) artist. This event has been growing in talks, exhibitions and people interested in the world of image and photobook.

From all the activities that were scheduled from 2nd May to the 4th May, there was a screening of photo books organised by Micamera (a bookstore specialized in photo books in Milan, who hosted also the Zines of the Zone zine-tour 2014). There was, among many works, the "Natureza, Luz Homem" by Carlos Cancela, that we published last year.

The same photobook, was selected for the exhibition curated by Elio Graziolo, here some pictures from the previous days of the exhibition:

Although we have discontinued "Natureza, Luz Homem" for just over half a year, this February, we decided to make a second edition. Especially after seeing how he managed to enter the Top 10 photobooks on Photo-eye website. You can still get a copy here. And hurry, they aren’t many available.

May 20, 2014

Bright on 30

On Gutter Fest we launched three new zines, one of them, a second photozine by Carlos Cancela named "Bright on 30". The photozine narrates a very hot day of August in the city of Brighton, England. Thousands of people hundreds of people braved the heat on the seaside and on the famouse Brighton Pie.

You can get a copy of the zine on the website or on festivals and shops where we usually go.

May 12, 2014

Gutter Fest 2 (photos)

And here the resume of the fair. Thanks to all the people on there, specially the Gutter Fest team and the fantastic work they did to make possible this second edition. Hope we have Gutter for many years!

(In the middle): Adolfo Press having a chat.

People having a look at the new comic Northwest District

May 8, 2014

Gutter Fest 2

Poster by Clara-Iris Ramos

Yep, Gutter Fest is here! Tomorrow friday and saturday until 00h (and more...) Barcelona has a hotspot on, a art residence and working space in Emilia Coranty street 16 (Poblenou neighborhood). The entrance is free and you will have a chance to look at more than 70 tables of selfpublished stuff, music labels, silkscreens and whatever fits on D.I.Y.

Yeah, nice photo of Robert Roura on Vice Magazine.

We are going to be there with all the new stuff we have on the web and two speciall new titles: "Bright on 30" by Carlos Cancela and "Northwestern wild" from Paula Prats. Both of them are photozines, photobooks or photobooklets (choose the term you prefer). Something really important is the new comic we are going to have! Yes, back to the origins thanks to the new ci-fi comic by Robert Roura. Come and say hi (and buy, and buy)!

Fantastic video by Pau Anglada. Ants and old videogames.

We also going to have some music! Orgonomy records would be there with the new album Blue Birds Dominion and the already published Panda and Ash Me.