Oct 16, 2015

Fanzines! Festival 2015

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

All this month, is taking place for the fifth time, the Fanzines! Festival in the Margarite Duras Médiathèque. The whole month will be focused on exhibitions, encounters and gatherings, parties and workshops, for the sake of celebrating the small press and its artists.

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

The third weekend (17th and 18th of October), so yes, tomorrow, will take place the zine fair where you will be able to acquire you doses of fanzinism or to fatten your fanzine library.

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

A chance to get works from Papier Gaché / L'Articho / Collection / Lagon / Thomas Gosselin / Amandine Meyer / Pina Chang / Couteau / Arbitraire / Sourire magazine / Les Machines / DLCTVB / Tomoko / FP&CF / Le Mégot / Clemens Reinecke / Atelier Bingo / Anathème / Olivier Schrauwen / Les Trois Ourses / Kuš! Komiks / Shoboshobo / Kerozen / AWAAR ( Faye Coral Johnson & Mike Redmond ) / Benoît Jacques / Edition Peinture / Éditions du livre / Fabrication Maison / Kikifruit / Amelie Fontaine / Tetra / Combo / Mai-Li Bernard / Gerald Auclin / Matière Grasse / Ed&Cie / Super-Structure / Anne Emilie Philippe / La Tribune du Jelly Rodger / Chambre Charbon / Bande de / La maison Coule / Rebond / Le Nouvel Esprit du Vandalisme / Repro Du Léman / Pochette Souvenir / Jose JaJaJa / Ruohong Wu / Canicola / Bichel Éditions / Julia Spiers / Les Ombres / Anna Haifisch and Others.

All the photographs are from Fanzine Camping facebook

Oct 14, 2015

Photo Book Day & És_Festival

Today is #PhotoBookDay, and this year we are too busy to plan something cool, but don't worry, Saturday we are going to be at Carrer Vic in Barcelona, where, all along the street there will be desks full of self-made stuff. The És_Festival is curated by Somos Emperador, a four young artist collective from Barcelona.

If you want some information of the Photo Book Day, you can click here and go to the website. Find on the map you nearest event and go there. Our friends from Photobook Club Barcelona, Photobook Club Girona and Photobook Club Madrid are doing things, if you are near, ho there!

But! THAT'S not all. Stay tuned because today night we will have a next photozine called "In Heaven". A nice publication from the young photographer Reginald Levy.