Feb 29, 2016

Fun Fan Fest (Photos)

Some pictures from the second edition of Fun Fan Fest, this time at one of the big halls in Fabra i Coats. Check and see you next year!

Panoramic shoot of the fair

Our desk with "Natureza, Luz, Homem" and "Bright on 30", publications our guest country this year, Portugal

"Pilgrimage" by Ekaterian Solovieva and others where also well recieved by our visitors.

This was the "music zone" where diferent noises where put together for the for the special issue of the fair.

And here, Helena working on the "graphic zone", for the other 50% of the fair fanzine.

Desk with the portuguese fanzines. Really an interesting stuff!

Feb 9, 2016

Fun Fan Fest 2

This Saturday 3rd of February is the FUN FAN FEST fair day. It’s going to take place at Sant Andreu (old town and today one of the most creative-growing neighbourhoods in Barcelona) at the Fabra i Coats building. Look at the map HERE. Opens at 11 o’clock and ends… well, officially at 23:00… but who knows. Comics, Photobooks and Selfpublished stuff close at 20:00h! Aaaand! Entrance is FREE.

Promo photo from Fun Fan Fest.

The list of participants:
III Arms, Apa Apa Còmics, Bemba Ediciones, Buraco Editorial, Bad Weather Press, Borobitxo libros, Boira Discos, Banizu Nizuke, Bulbasaur, Conxita Herrero, Clara Sáez (Pin Tam Pon), Chin-Chin Records, Colectivo Detakon, Clara Cortés, Ditirambo música, Discos y libros Walden, Ediciones del Pubis, Editorial Sugoi, Hola Ediciones, Industrias DOC, Javier Galán Rico, Jorge Parras, Jessica Espinoza, Ladyfest, La Mirona, La Capsa Erno, Laura Llanell, Lentejas Press, Llibres artesans, Lindero Libros, Marlene Krausse, Mancebia Postigo, Marta Grimalt Canals, Marbre Negre, Maldo illustration y Branca Estudio, Münster Studio, Mínimo Esfuerzo, Marialsoy, Morbix, Màgia Roja, Nyapster, Orfidal, Petit Comité del Terror / Demonodrome, Paranoidland, P. Taladro, Quién Coño es, Recycled productions, Shock down, Songstore / Dronetools, Tripa, Tayone, Termita press, TD Papeles, Valium Ediciones, Virtual Room, Portugal fanzines.

Shoot from the past GRAF edition. Fabra i Coats space inside. This is how nice it looks!

As you see, Portugal is the invited country, and we are going to be there having some fun time and listening all those strange music k7 from the fair. More information at the Fun Fan Fest website (well, better have a look at Facebook event for last updates).

A.Manaia and I.Marco doing something outside the Fabra i Coats space.