Mar 21, 2014

Pilgrimage by Ekaterina Solovieva

A month ago, we published Pilgrimage (ПАЛОМНИКИ), a limited edition photozine in black and white about, yeah..., a pilgrimage. The report and the tracking of all the journeys were made, with a lot of patience, by Ekaterina Solovieva.

Ekaterina Solovieva is from Moscow (Москва́), and after graduating as a journalist at the University of Moscow, he moved to Hamburg, were she stills working with its greatest passion: photography.

You can find ПАЛОМНИКИ at Fatbottombooks, and soon in other bookstores. We are also going to have it at Arts Libris Zine & Artbook fair in Barcelona (if this is the case, mail us so we can keep it for you!). For future information, stay in touch at our twitter and facebook accounts!

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