Jul 9, 2014

Carlos Cancela interview on We Are Drifters.

Long-time We Are Drifters contributor and collaborator Carlos Cancela Pinto is back with a new publication, his fifth. Bright On 30 is filled with photos of lazy tourists spending endless summer  days on Brighton’s pier. The beautiful landscape format and gorgeous paper make this book a real treat.

How did the idea behind the series develop?

There was no plan or idea. Last year, in July, I went to Brighton, and because it was my first time I wanted to visit the famous pier. When I arrived to the pier, I was fascinated with the amount of people just having fun in one the hottest day in UK (the temperature was around 30°C). I was lucky with the light and just started shooting all the things that were happening around me: interesting landscapes and people with lots of different sounds, colours and smells. The whole set was shot in one single roll – I was indeed very lucky.

Did it start out as a book concept or did it become that later on?

I thought the whole set was coherent so it was easy to imagine it as a book. I contacted my good friends at Bad Weather Press (who I published Natureza, Luz, Homem) and they were interested...

(You can continue the interview, by Elisa, here)

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