Oct 23, 2014

Crosta Brava

Crosta Brava is the name of the last photozine from Carles Palacio, a photographer from Girona we already work with in two previous zines: Capitalismo Barbarie and Agno3.

This work, relates to a summary of a previous long (and on-going) work of "shoots of the territory" with different atmospheres, climates and geographies. This one, specifically focused on Costa Brava, the north coast of Catalonia, a beautifull and also damaged coast, with two important natural parks: Cap de Creus and Illes Medes.

You will also notice another natural environment, located a little far from the coast but still in the same line of sight as the other images: the lake of banyoles.

The title is a pun. “Crosta” (Crust) and “Costa” (Coast) have practically the same pronunciation in catalan, but crosta sounds more forceful, unromantic and, sometimes, even rude. Brave Crust.

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