Feb 17, 2015

Fan Fun Fest

This saturday in Boca Nord (Carrer Agudells 37-45 Barcelona) is going to take place the first edition of Fun Fan Fest, a meeting for creative authors, small publishers and self publishers. The event, is organised by Boca Nord with the collaboration of Playanueva Nueva.

The festival opens at 11:00, and during all day you will be able to enjoy different activities from people we already meet in other festivals: Irma Marco (Hola Ediciones) is going to make a collaborative zine with all the people of the festival, Monostereo is going to do/show silkscreen printing,  Ediciones Valientes is going to work with people related on any kind of drawing for a big drop-down comic (or something like this, better go there and check, no?), Sonia Esplugas is going to make a plant-veggie-zine with plants veggies and… green stuff (;P) and during all day music with Sr.Galleta and a Chaphretracker with Tirsomàtic.

Random picture. (Libros Mutantes a couple years ago)

And on the desks? Who? Ok, here all the list of people that has confirmed: Alexander Rios, Alicia Carrera, Bad Weather Press, Colectivoelectroculo, Ediciones del martes, Ediciones Valientes, El Chico de los Rombos, + PETIT · COMITË · DEL · TERROR +, Enrique Rodríguez (Musgo), Guitza!, Hola Ediciones, Javier Soriano, Las lindas Pobres, Las tres Plumas, Lentejas Press, Unamesacamilla, Elena Ortiz, Lindero Libros, Marina Forés, Marta Cachinero, Monostereo, Shook Down, Sr Miau, TD Papeles, Virtual Room, Sabandija Ediciones, Esporas Invasoras, Anodina zines, Irkus (Medalariso), Helions Crew, Cartu Àrtic, Tutú Olivos & Rummora.

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