Apr 14, 2015

Mirades, IV Festival de fotografia

We start the “spring zine fairs tour”, this saturday, at the small village of Torroella de Montgrí. During three weekends is held the “Mirades” festival, all about photography, curated by Amics de la Fotografía.

Miquel Abat, Maria Gregori, Ivana Larrosa, Carles Llop, Conchi Martínez, Xavi Moix and Cori Pedrola with the curatorship of Josep Bou will open “Proximitat” the first exhibition of the festival.

Lola Montserrat, Roig Llasera, Jordi Comas Mora, Marc Llach Pagès, Patxi Somalo García, Núria Oreja, Maties Marc Carreras, Mireia Tor, Joan Ramell, Josep Vilallonga Anglada, Miguel Lozano Bonora, Manel Esclusa, Salvi Danés, Yurian Qintanas and a group of 20 photographers from UPIFC will be responsible of filling the eight exhibition spaces of the town.

"Hospital de Torroella" space. Photo: Josep Maria Cortina

Saturday is when we have the role of the festival, to be held outdoors, at the Plaça de la Vila (the town square) under the name “trobada d’editorials de fotografía”. You will find us at 10:00 (for early risers) until 19:00. No, we are not going to be alone: Ediciones Anómalas, Terranova editorial, Henry Hill Books, La Parada, Curbert Edicions, Llibres del Mirall, Lindero Libros, Gorbs Communicació, selfpublished books from Territorios Libres and publications from the UPIFC plus the Diputació de Girona are going to join the party-fair. See you there!

Preparing the exhibition. Photo: Matteo Rebuffa

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