Mar 16, 2016

Photobook Pack 1

This are the four photobooks we are launching on Big Cartel, let's call it, Pack 1. Very original. Really. Any way, the price for all four zines is 13€ (shipping included). Super promo! The four photobooks are made for four special photographers, some of them, you already know them:

 The 2pm 6am photobook by Irene Serrano is also known as "The Winnie the poo" one. A few problems we had about kids opening the zine... ups. Let's not spam the content. :)
Northwestern Wild is a photobook made and designed by Paula Prats, a Spanish photographer who received a BA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in 2011. A few months ago, she published this wonderful booklet.

"Northwestern wild is a compilation of images from an isolated island on the west coast of Canada.
Taken back in 2011, it is my very first series."

Ah, this one is fantastic. Ekaterina really made a nice selection of his documentary work Russian citizens and the pilgrimages to publish our first photobook with us: Pilgrimage. Here a interesting text from Solovieva's website:

Since 2007 I devote my time to studying of the life in Russian province paying special attention to its communal-religious side. As a photodocumentalist I am particularly interested in the topics of pilgrimage, abandoned churches, monasteries transferred to secular purposes, Orthodox communes and communes of other religions. My photozine «Паломники» (Pilgrimage) is devoted to the first of these topics.

Such things as the pilgrimage and processions are very popular in Russia now. In each region of the country there is it’s own, mostly respected saint or saints. Or some special place where something tragic or historically important happened. It is these places or those, where the saints lived, that the processions move to. People come together (the most popular procession in the Kirov region counts up to 50000 people every year) and carrying icons, and singing march on during a few days, stopping for sleeping and praying.
This is a very interesting and positive action, that I love to watch and take pictures of. People reveille themselves in new circumstances, that are impossible in their everyday life – during a prayer in a church, a confession, or a lengthily off-road walk…

Yaroslavl, Tver, Arkhangelsk regions, Russia

The last of this female photobook pack is Tafelen by Nicoletta Van Doorn, published last year and designed by Pere Saguer using his comic grids. The narrative of the photobook is very personal, like a diary about his journeys in the Iberian regions. What are you waiting? Get the pack here.

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