Apr 25, 2017

Festival Muaré

After the nice time we had the past 22 of April in 5th Festival Mirades at the small town of Torroella de Montgrí, we are pleased to announce our participation at the first photo-book, fanzine and self-published festival in Algeciras: MUARÉ

This first edition of the festival is an initiative of the collective UFCA and the city council of Algeciras, opening Friday 5 of May at 19:00h and closing Saturday at 21:00 launching photographs at the space (literally).

Clic the map to see a high resolution map of the Muaré festival.

During this two days, there’s going to be different talks: Tiago de Cruz, Montse Puig, Israel Ariño, Juan Valbuena, Axelle Fossier and Julio Alvarez Yagüe presenting the “Atelier Montigny” and Antonio Garrido presenting the 30 years of Fanzine Kristal. The festival will also host the photobook market and three exhibitions: De la cámara oscura a la Fotofobia, a show of photobooks and fanzines from the UFCA collection and a homage to the 30 years of Fanzine Kristal with a sample of 21 covers.

Here the full program, map of the fair and useful links.

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