Jun 16, 2014

6 years / 4 zines (photos)

Fatbottom books gallery space.

As we told the last week, on friday we opened the exhibition 6 years / 4 zines on Fatbottom Books (in Barcelona), a retrospective of Robert's work for Bad Weather press. The exhibition includes original drawings from the first fanzine Tom’s fanzine, to the last one Northwest District, paying attention to works like Fast Chopstick published by Zángano Comix or different proposal sketches of letterings for the covers of the comics.

Originals from the battle in New and Improved powerplant 94

For the occasion, Medalariso has reprinted the fanzine New and improved powerplant 94 and some large scale silkscreened prints in blue and black. All the stuff is available at Fatbottom Books & zines shop or at the online shop.

Robert Roura's new stuff.

New and improved powerplant 94 opened so you can apreciate the bloody red print.

Yes, nice work from MedalaRISO.

Silkscreens on Fatbottom Books shop, for sale.

If you go to see the exhibition, we can also find other publications such as 6am to 2pm by Irene Serrano.

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