Jun 9, 2014

6 years / 4 zines

Since friday 13 of June, until the end of the month there is going to be a self exhibition of six years of comic works from Robert Roura at the Fatbottom Bookstore and gallery. For the ocasion, Medalariso is going to reprint New & Improved Powerplant 94, published by Bad Weather Press on 2009 (and currently out of stock). This is a good and unique opportunity to get one of Robert’s old work on a fantastic red ink!

The exhibition with the originals / Photo: Robert Roura

At the end of all the old stuff, there is going to be part of the last publication: Northwest District, a completely Ci-Fi comic work about a corrupt cop. Soon on Bad Weather Press online shop!

Northwest District cover by Robert Roura

"Cop of the month", one of the most hilarious and surreal stories.

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